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Leonard Peikoff takes legal action

Leonard Peikoff has decided to take legal action against me for having "illegally" translated Ayn Rand into Swedish. To make this intelligible, some background is needed:

Short Chronology of Events
In case you wish to put me in jail for this, or destroy my life in some other way, I would like to point out that the attached manuscript is not for sale. I merely let whoever is interested read it. The people who have read it so far have paid me a small sum to cover my copying and postage expenses. I have made a point of making such contribution strictly voluntary.

He has not responded to this in any way.

My answer:

Thank you for your kind letter of October 6, 2006. I have been waiting for it since May 2001.

There is a simple solution to this conflict, namely that Leonard Peikoff gives me back the permission to translate and publish essays by Ayn Rand that he granted me in 1987 and then revoked in 1996. However, he will not do that, since it requires

I must say I am morbidly curious to know what punishment Dr. Peikoff expects you to mete out against me:

Good luck, anyway. See you in court.

cc: Leonard Peikoff

PS (October 27, 2006): Someone who cares about me has told me that if I take this matter into court and lose, I could be charged for Peikoff’s attorney’s fees, which are probably at the rate of $600 an hour or more. Now, given the utter stupidity (and viciousness) of Leonard Peikoff's action, it is not necessary that I lose the law-suit. But this is nothing I can gamble on. Being reduced to starvation is nothing I look forward to - especially since only a handful of friends will even so much as thank me for it. So I have reluctantly decided to stop all distribution of my translations, until such time as Leonard Peikoff decides to act as a human being.

A great step forward has been taken on the road toward a New Renaissance... (No, I am joking. Should be: "toward a New Dark Age".)

Answer to Leonard Peikoff and His Attorneys

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